Hiya I’m Sharon, Debbie’s sister. I’m the florist and owner at Buds and Blooms Warsop, and what a great job it is. I love seeing the smiling faces of all of our customers everyday! My favourite type of flower is a lily of all varieties. They brighten up any room and have a lovely smell.  If I had to choose a favourite floral arrangement to make it would be baskets and posy dishes. I like how delicate they are and enjoy making sure they are perfect. When I’m not at work, you will probably find me with my grand-daughter. She’s a little diamond and we love spending time with her. You may have seen her in the shop,  as she’s only 3 and we’re getting her trained up in the family business already! Over the past eight years Debbie and I have met some wonderful people through the shop and we feel very lucky to have a business in Warsop. Thank you for the lovely comments below.